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Date: 17.08.2017   
A reason for celebration for the inhabitants of Orhei municipality. Mayor Ilan SHOR inaugurated 6 streets, which were rebuilt and modernized after more than a decade. For the first time, the Municipal Enterprise “Communal Locative Services” from Orhei, with its own forces, completed the road reconstruction works started a few weeks ago. Read more...
Date: 09.08.2017   
According to an order of the Mayor of Orhei, Ilan Shor the Municipal Enterprise "Communal Locative Services" initiated extensive works for modernization and repair of the central streets from Orhei municipality. Read more...
Date: 08.08.2017   
The Mayor Ilan SHOR had a working meeting with the Mayor of Satul Mare municipality from Romania, Gabor Kereskenyi, who was on an official visit to Orhei. Read more...


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