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Date: 15.01.2018   
At the mass concert in Orhei, during the celebration of the Old New Year, the mayor of Orhei, Ilan Shor, announced the extension of the Christmas Fair from Orhei for another week until January 21. According to the mayor, this decision was the result of a huge number of requests for extending the events, as well as the unprecedented interest of residents of various regions of the country to visit the Fair and the daily organized events and concerts. Read more...
Date: 08.01.2018   
A holiday atmosphere at the Orhei Christmas Fair: thousands of people chose to celebrate Christmas at Orhei, where a concert with the participation of Brio Sonores, Osoianu Sisters and the Ethnocultural Ensemble Plăieșii took place. Read more...
Date: 05.01.2018   
The large number of guests, including visitors from different regions of the country and abroad at the Fair that activates from 23rd of December at Orhei, as well as the continuous interest for attractions and commercial counters at the Fair, have led the Mayor Ilan SHOR to order the extension of the Christmas Fair for a one more week, until the Old Style New Year's Eve from January 14th, 2018. Previously, it was announced that the Fair, which was opened on December 23 will last until Old Style Christmas - January 7th. Upon the decision of extending the Fair, all the attractions, the concert platform and the delicacies and souvenir counters will be available for visitors for a one more week. Read more...


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